Yanabah: Our inspiration

Sometimes special people are sent to bless and uplift the world. Yanabah was a special person. Her simple life was meaningful and dedicated to others.

Yanabah’s home was a gathering place.  A haven free from judgment and filled with love.  Food was the constant.  On her wood-burning stove she turned out feasts of fry bread and potatoes.  Even when the cupboards were bare she found a way as if from magic.  We passed many wonderful evenings in her kitchen eating bread and drinking Navajo Tea.

Yanabah’s strength of character anchored our family.  Her gifts were kindness, wisdom, and grace.  She hand-spun wool and chopped her own wood.  She knew the earth well and was sought after for her knowledge of sacred ceremonial plants.

It was Yanabah who first took me out to pick Navajo Tea.  We headed to the Chuska Mountains where the tea was plentiful.  Picking Navajo Tea with Yanabah was never a mundane task because her stories gave meaning to our work.  They were stories about our ancestors.  They were stories about our ways.  They were stories that made sure our traditions would not end with her.  Once home, we folded the tea into bundles and hung them to dry for use throughout the fall and winter.

There was always a pot of Navajo Tea on Yanabah’s wood-burning stove.  It was simply a part of daily life.  Navajo Tea still reminds me of my grandmother Yanabah.  The smell of a fresh brewed pot takes me back to her kitchen.  It seemed only fitting to name our Navajo Tea after the woman whose heritage it carries on.  We all have a ‘Yanabah’ in our life, and it is my wish that Yanabah Navajo Tea will take you back a time and place of happy memories and unconditional love.


Owner, Yanabah Tea