Traditional Navajo Caffeine Free Tea

Best Caffeine Free Greenthread Tea
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100% Traditional Navajo Tea, the same way its enjoyed on the reservation. Taste the best kept secret of Southwest! This is a caffeine free herbal tea.

20 individual tea bags in each box.

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I hope you find our Navajo Tea comforting and good tasting. As a young girl growing up on the Navajo Reservation, I often helped my grandmother, Yanabah, gather and dry Greenthread, a plant better known as Navajo Tea.

Yanabah would have me make a pot of Navajo Tea on her wood burning stove any time visitors stopped by. I can still smell the cedar smoke and feel the comfort of Yanabah’s home when I drink a cup of Navajo Tea. It makes me feel connected — connected to my family, to my Grandmother, to my culture. Yanabah was the inspiration for our Navajo Tea company which now bares her name.

Our box of Traditional Navajo Tea features 20 individual tea bags. We use only unbleached bags and our box is made with recycled paper. Caution – People have been known to drink Navajo Tea in one hand and book a trip to the Southwest with the other hand.

Remember, Yanabah Traditional Navajo Tea is a caffeine free herbal tea.

-Yellow Bird

Owner, Yanabah Tea

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