Mint & Navajo Herbal Tea

Mint Herbal Tea
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We mixed our Traditional Navajo Tea with the best mint we could find. Enjoy this updated take on a Navajo classic. Caffeine-free.

20 individual tea bags in each box.


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I searched far and wide to find high-quality mint that would measure up to our Navajo Tea. I found it in Dalton, Ohio at Mint Brook Meadow farm. From there I focused on finding the right blend. I chose a combination of spearmint & peppermint in just the right amount to enhance, but not overpower, the natural taste of Navajo Tea. The result is a refreshing new spin on the traditional drink I grew-up with. Yanabah would love it! Add a dash of agave nectar for a sweet floral accent.

-Yellow Bird

Owner, Yanabah Tea

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