Lap Quilt with Tea Sampler and Mug (Navajo Velvet)

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Tea Sampler combined with R.C. Gormans’s Navajo Velvet mug and a Lap Quilt made by Yanabah’s Great Granddaughter.

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Take a handmade lap quilt made by Yanabah’s Great Granddaughter, combine it with our 3 box sampler and add an R.C. Gorman mug. Now that is a great gift combo.

Hand made throw:

Hand made flannel throw style quilt measures 66″ x 41″. Great for when you are watching TV or riding in the car and you need a bit more warmth. Black, Red and White colors form an Indian motif with a solid cream flannel back. Sew and tide with cream yarn and a soft polyester middle, this throw will hold up for many years of use and washings.

Tea Sampler:

Sampler includes a box of our Traditional Navajo Tea that is made solely from the herb, Green Thread, that grows on the reservation.  We also take our Navajo Tea and mix it with a great tasting Chinese Green tea. And our third box is a combination of our Navajo Tea, Peppermint and Spearmint.

Each box brings its own unique flavor, all of which are delightful.

16 oz Mug:

RC Gorman’s iconic style is represented well with this mug featuring his “Navajo Velvet” titled painting. Interestingly enough, Yanabah was a well known seamstress and sewed many traditional velvet dresses for family and friends.



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