Tea Sampler (3 boxes)

Navajo Herbal Tea Sampler
Navajo Tea Flavor Sampler
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Can’t decide? Try them all with our flavor sampler!

1 box of each flavor: Traditional, Mint, & Green.

20 tea bags in each box.

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Try Our 3 Box Tea Sampler

Try all three of our teas with the Yanabah Flavor Sampler. You will receive 1 box of each of our flavors.

  • Traditional Navajo Tea.
  • Navajo & Chinese Green Tea blend.
  • Navajo & Mint blend.

Each blend starts with Traditional Navajo Tea, an herbal tea which grows wild on the Navajo reservation.

Traditional Navajo Tea is based on the herb Green Thread. It grows in the higher elevations of the reservation and is gathered during the late summer months, dried and used all winter long.

Yanabah’s Traditional Navajo Tea has a smooth, earthy taste that blends well with other flavors, like our Chinese Green Tea and our own blend of Spearmint and Peppermint.

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