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The high-meadows of Arizona’s Chuska mountains are home to a plant called greenthread, more commonly known as Navajo Tea. The Navajo Tea plant has been picked, dried, and brewed as an herbal tea by generations of Navajo people. Its mild flavor has a natural sweetness and aroma which make it an ideal tisane. Navajo Tea can be enjoyed as a hot beverage or an iced drink and comes in three delicious flavors.

Traditional Navajo Greenthread Tea

Traditional Navajo Tea


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Mint Herbal Tea

Navajo Tea & Mint


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Navajo Organic Green Tea Bags

Navajo Tea & Green Tea


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More than just a delicious beverage

Navajos use Navajo Tea to soothe aches and pains from joint soreness to upset stomachs. Science has offered some insight into these traditions with the discovery that Navajo Tea contains the flavonoid Luteolin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Navajo Tea is also a mild diuretic which is good for blood and kidney function.

Anthropology in a Cup

It’s not often that a drink is so expressive of the culture from which it comes. Named for the people who drink it, Navajo Tea is more than just a tisane. It is culture. It is tradition. It is history. It is the story of every Navajo man and woman who continue to pick and steep it. It is a postcard from the reservation. It’s simply a daily part of life in Navajo land. Oh yeah, and it’s delicious!

We began the Yanabah Tea Company out of a desire to share this traditional Navajo beverage with everyone. We are a 100% Navajo owned and operated family business located in Arizona.

Beginning with seeds my family and I hand-gathered from wild Navajo Tea plants, we have grown a full service company from crop cultivation to finished product. Our tea is grown and packaged to the highest industry standards. We strive to pass on the taste and tradition of Navajo Tea in a professional and consistent presentation. Thank you for your support of our product.

For wholesale inquiries, please email wholesale@yanabah.com

-Yellow Bird

Owner, Yanabah Tea