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Sometimes special people are sent to bless and uplift the world. Yanabah was a special person. Her simple life was meaningful and dedicated to others. Yanabah Navajo Tea represents all that she lived for and the land she lived in.

Traditional Navajo Greenthread Tea

Traditional Navajo Tea


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Mint Herbal Tea

Navajo Tea & Mint


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Navajo Tea & Green Tea

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The high-meadows of Arizona’s Chuska mountains are home to a plant called greenthread, more commonly known as Navajo Tea. The Navajo Tea plant has been picked, dried, and brewed as an herbal tea by generations of Navajo people. Its mild flavor has a natural sweetness and aroma which make it an ideal tisane. Navajo Tea can be enjoyed as a hot beverage or an iced drink and comes in three delicious flavors.